Let Us Straighten Your Dental Problem

The hallmark of a wonderful smile is straight white teeth! For the most part, your general dentist is the starting point for all things related to teeth. But when those pearly whites and/or your bite are off, it could be time to make an appointment with an orthodontist.  At the office of Smile Concepts Orthodontics, Read More

Have You Examined Your Tongue Lately?

This muscular organ does more than help to churn up food. It’s also an important component in your complete oral health. Most people don’t associate tongues with medical maladies.  That’s why at the office of Smile Concepts Orthodontics, our dental experts pay close attention to your tongue to ensure that it’s healthy. Of course, we Read More

ClearCorrect: Straighten Your Teeth with Discretion

Most people aren’t crazy about wearing braces to straighten their teeth. And many of those people are under the misconception that dental braces involve shiny metal, food getting stuck between them and lots of unwanted visibility. But the world of braces has changed dramatically with the advent of choosing transparent straighteners. ClearCorrect is one of Read More

Find Out If Invisalign® Is Right for Your Teen

Remember when getting braces meant having to wear those unattractive metal “railroad tracks” to straighten them? They were most teenagers’ nightmare, if for only visual reasons. Those days are over for teens whose teeth can be straightened using Invisalign® treatment.  If your teen needs braces, come to the office of Smile Concepts Orthodontics. We will Read More

Your Bite is as Unique as You Are!

To each his own: face, smile, teeth, and mouth. When it comes those pearly whites, some are fine, but many need to be corrected, included those with misalignments.  Depending on your own facial features, you might have inherited poor jaw alignment, teeth that grow in badly, and childhood habits that can impact the shape of Read More